Corona Virus: Real Estate amid Covid-19

April 13, 2020 | Posted in Uncategorized | By

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Now more than ever, our home has become our sanctuary, a place where we can feel safe and protected no matter what kind of storm is raging outside. But it also has become our new social hub and the center of daily activity.

From online chats with friends and family, to telecommuting for work, to the creation of at-home gyms to keep us active, we are all learning how our homes can now support every aspect of our lives. It is no surprise, then, that the real estate market continues onward with buyers who are searching for a place to call their own. The shopping process may have changed, with more online chats and virtual tours, but the end result remains the same. After all, home-sweet-home starts with the right home. And we’re still here to help you find it.


Spring Cleaning Windows – Ready for Rain

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It’s a beautiful day here in Chicagoland!  A great chance to open up some windows and begin a little Spring cleaning.  Removing dirt and debris from window tracks and away from weep holes will ensure that your windows drain well when heavy rains come.  An old toothbrush works well for getting dirt out of the tight corners.  It’s also a good chance to finally let a little fresh air into the house to clear out indoor air pollution that may have built up in the stagnant winter air.  Enjoy the sunshine and mild weather this week!