November 29, 2017 |

If you have been getting repeated calls from Inspect, Inc please read on: It is not us calling.

Telemarketers are getting creative these days in order to reach consumers. On Monday, November 27th, we began getting unusual phone calls from callers stating that our caller ID had been repeatedly phoning them. However, no one at Inspect, Inc had placed the calls.

Many of us have gotten these phone calls haven’t we? The phone rings, showing a caller ID whose first 6 digits matches your own? The strategy behind it is that you are more likely to answer a call from an unknown number when it looks local. More often than not, however, It is a scam; do not answer. As the police suggest, wait to see if the caller leaves a voice message. If they don’t, the call was likely a spoofing scenario.

In this case, it is our number at Inspect, Inc that has been hijacked by the telemarketers. We expect it to stop within a week, but apologize that there is nothing we can do if you are indeed receiving calls, as we have no control over them.

On a side note: Every time you receive one of these scamming calls that are similar to your own number, referred to as the npa-nxx scam, definitely file a report to the FCC. All that is required is a quick form online.

Other than that, we are doing business as usual. Call us with any home inspection inquiries, and have a great day!