Buying – When buying a home, the right information can mean the difference between delight and disaster. At INSPECT, our goal is to provide our buyers with the information they need to make a careful decision. A pre-purchase home inspection is essential for existing homes, new construction, foreclosures, and short-sales.

Selling – Sellers’ Advantages to Having a Pre-listing Home Inspection.

Radon Testing – All homes have some level of radon.  This short document explains the benefits of a radon test.

Maintenance Check-up – How long has it been since you have had a professional home inspection performed on your home, if ever?  Find out if there are any underlying problems that could cost you money.

Professional Consulting – Our consulting services are for those not seeking a full home inspection.  For example, would you like us to evaluate a crack in your foundation, or a stain on the ceiling?  We do not generate a full report and pricing is often lower, as it corresponds to the amount of issues looked at.

Historic Homes – Home construction has changed dramatically over the last century and a half.  Keep your home’s historical integrity, but upgrade or replace those items which pose a safety hazard.